2187 (Canvey Island) Squadron

Air Training Corps



Summer Camp Report

RAF Halton

by Cadet McNish and Cadet Punter


  • We all met at the Squadron HQ to wait for the coach to take us to RAF Halton in Buckinghamsire. When the coach arrived, we packed our kit, and picked up several other squadrons from around Essex on the way.

  • When we arrived at RAF Halton we got shown to our rooms in the Air Cadet barrack block and unpacked our kit to get changed into blue uniform.

  • The Camp Commandant gave us the briefing for the week, and the RAF ACLO (Air Cadet Liaison Officer) gave us a brief on the station and its role in training new recruits into the RAF. The Camp Warrant Officer organised us into our Flights that we would be in for the rest of the week.

  • Marched to dinner at the Junior Ranks Mess.

  • Afterwards we went on a FamEx (familiaration exercise, to get to know the layout of the base – bit like an orienteering exercise around the station)

  • Went back to the barrack block and had free time to sort everything out for the next day

  • Role call at 2200 hrs

  • Lights out at 2230 hrs


Sunday :

•  Up at 0600 hrs to be ready for 0700 hrs to go down for breakfast – oh my god it's early!

•  Got changed into best blues for a short service at the RAF church on camp– it was only fifteen minutes!

•  Marched back to the barrack blocks where we got changed into civvies

•  Went to Oxford (local town) to go shopping for the afternoon, and spent the afternoon in the lovely hot sunshine!

•  Went back to RAF halton and had dinner at the Mess

•  Went to the station swimming pool in the evening. Most cadets gained RAF Swimming Proficiency certificates (basic, intermediate or advanced)



•  Up at 0600 hrs – still early…

•  Got dressed into working blues

•  Some cadets went flying in a Grob Tutor at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire

•  Others experienced the SAT range using the SA-80 rifle – cool!

•  After dinner got changed into DPM uniform, to do the night exercise on the other side of the base with the RAF Regiment.



•  Up at 0600 hrs – why do we get up this early??!!

•  Got changed into DPM's, and after breakfast went orienteering in the woods behind the camp.

•  Some cadets went flying at RAF Benson, whilst others practiced for the drill competition.

•  After dinner, A and B flight did their weapons handling test (WHT's)

•  C and D flights did PT with the Camp Warrant Officer .

•  Role call at 2200 hrs

•  Lights out 2230 hrs



•  Up at 0600 hrs…and I think I'm awake…

•  After breakfast at the Mess, went to the station gym in sports kit.

•  Had lunch in the mess

•  Visited the Recruit Training Squadron on base, and various sections.

•  Had presentation about the history of RAF Halton

•  Went to dinner at the Mess

•  Flights C and D did their WHT's

•  Flights A and B did PT with the Camp Warrant Officer

•  Lights out 2230 hrs after role call



•  Up at 0600 hrs – ugh! Why are there two six o'clocks in one day??

•  After breakfast we went to have the camp photo on the parade square, in front of a Tornado in best blues.

•  Went back and got changed into DPM's for a day's shooting on the station ranges, both on .22 Lee Enfield's and 5.56 L98's. Several Canvey cadets qualified for their Marksman badges!

•  We also did some leadership and initiative exercises, whilst we were waiting to shoot.

•  After dinner we went to the Airmans Command Squadron and the did low ropes exercise (mini assault course) - this was great!



•  Up at 0600 hrs…

•  We had the camp Drill competition, which was marked by one of the immaculately-dresed RAF Drill Instructor corporals, who said that our drill was of a very high standard.

•  Afterwards we went flying again at RAF Benson!

•  Once we had all returned to RAF Halton, the Final Parade was held, and the Camp Commandant presented awards for Best Cadet, Best NCO, Best Flight etc.

•  After dinner in the Mess - Camp Disco ! What a laugh that was, everyone was up and dancing having a great time!



•  Got up at 0700 hrs – a lie in…sort of!

•  After breakfast in the Mess, got issued our duties for cleaning the barrack blocks.

•  After we finished that we messed about having a laugh with our new mates we had made from all the different squadrons,whilst we waited for the coach to take us back home to Canvey Island !